Welcome to HBK

Our mission is to support our clients, large or small, and provide the highest quality tax, accounting and related professional services. Prompt and personal attention is critical for each customer and contributes to shared success. We strive to provide consistently outstanding service and at the same time an innovative, dynamic work environment that is enriching for all our employees on a professional as well as a personal level.


Promises to our Clients

Support that adds value Punctual and clear communication Access to expertise and other resources Quality guarantee on work performed Ethical and good business principles Cost-effective value for money of services rendered

Our Values

We strive to maintain the highest professional standards in dealing with clients and colleagues fairly and ethically, creating trust through our actions.


We work to achieve joint and individual goals by appreciating each individual's contribution and thus bring out the best in everyone by recognizing each team member's unique contribution through knowledge, training, and experience.


We ensure our employees' continued learning and development as expert leaders in their respective specialist areas, sharing information, insight, and advice regularly and constructively amongst themselves and our clients.


We provide reliable service of the highest quality and accuracy that consistently exceeds the customers' best expectations.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Executors

Why use us?

  • We know applicable tax legislation.
  • We have a good knowledge of our clients’ financial affairs which contributes to an effective estate planning and estate management process.
  • Our clients know us and know they can rely on our integrity.